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“By far and away the book that I have made the most connection with in a long time. The content resonated with me and will with so many others. The writing style made me feel like I was right there having a discussion with Stephanie. The thought provoking questions and self reflection worksheets will be instrumental in finding the way forward for those of us that are workaholics needing and wanting to make a change.”

– Erin Poirier, Head of HR North America & Global HR Operations | Crawford and Company

You work hard and have accomplished a lot in your work…and it’s costing you.

What if there was a different way?

You’re ambitious, successful, and … it’s costing you. Maybe you’re feeling burned out (even more than *usual*). You’ve set aside your own needs lots of times, telling yourself that after this one last assignment or client crisis, you’ll take a break and reduce the hours. 

And it never works. Because in the back of your mind, you’ve been skeptical of whether work-life balance is actually possible without losing everything you’ve worked so hard to achieve. So you brush aside the costs and power through. 

I hear you. I’ve been there. And there IS another way. In my book The Big Scale Back, I share my framework for recognizing how we’ve internalized unrealistic standards for work productivity, and how to uncover a new way of working. 

Work and life…by your own design. 

As humans, we’re not made to work non-stop. And at the same time, work can be an incredibly fulfilling part of our lives. The key is understanding what success means to you. 

To be fair, I don’t think it’s possible to “balance” everything equally, every day. I believe balance is a longer-term game—it’s less about work-life balance and more about work-life fulfillment. In The Big Scale Back, I share my practical process for setting yourself up for harmony and fulfillment across all areas of your life. 

From unpacking beliefs that may be limiting what you believe is possible for you, to honouring your own unique constitution, to defining success on your own terms, you’ll learn how to design what works for you. It’s not all framework, though, because I’ve lived this process myself. I share moments in my life that deeply impacted my relationship with work and productivity, as well as intense work experiences and life lessons that brought it all crashing down. You’ll learn about the shifts I needed to make in my own life to create sustainable changes.

Through my work with clients, I know how hard it is to start down this path, and how satisfying it can be to solve this conundrum once and for all. I’ll show you the process for stepping off the work overwhelm hamster wheel into a life of intentional activity, or what I call conscious productivity. You’ll work through the framework and practical tools to determine the shifts you need to make to create work-life fulfillment for yourself. 

It starts with understanding how we’ve held an unhealthy view of productivity to our detriment, plus how to off-ramp and redefine productivity and happiness on your own terms.


Stephanie Woodward’s The Big Scale Back is a story of love, loss, and fulfillment. Guided by her own ambitious quest, Stephanie inspires us to ask big questions and reconcile ourselves to the one truth that we must all agree on: This is our one and only life. With her insights as a coach, backed by research and data, The Big Scale Back teaches us with helpful tips, tools, and examples how to have agency over our careers and our lives. The payback is clear. It’s about swapping status for joy, hustle for flow.”

Jane Evans, Head People, Process & Change | BMO Financial Group

In The Big Scale Back, you will…

+ Learn about the trappings of Unconscious Productivity and how you can move from defining yourself through this lens of “others” to defining success for yourself and moving towards Conscious Productivity

+ Discover beliefs and ways of thinking that may be limiting what you believe is possible for you (and how to free yourself from those beliefs)

+ Honour your interests, your unique constitution, and your life circumstances to create your own definition of success, and put it into practice

+ Move from hustling, comparing and climbing to reflection, inner alignment and fulfillment

+ How to navigate the pushback or judgement you might hear from others as you put your new plan into action

The framework and stories I share in this book are important to me because I struggled for years with working excessive hours—where I ignored the signs that I was burning out, repeatedly—because it was the only way I knew how to be successful. 

It almost cost me everything. 

By my mid-30s, I was debilitated physically, mentally, and emotionally. I decided that I needed to make a big change; to redefine what success looked like for me and figure out how to work successfully in a way that respected and honored all areas of my life, including my health. 

I’m excited to share my coaching framework, experiences, and activities to help you step off the hamster wheel of unrealistic (and often unsustainable) expectations, and redefine what success looks like for you. While the stories are personal, the framework is universal, so that you can create work-life fulfillment for yourself. 


“It’s time to unpack and scale back! This author’s vulnerable and inspiring story,
along with practical tools, will help guide you through the necessary work to define
what success really means to you.”

– Leslie Cooper, Sr. Marketing Manager

The Big Scale Back




Hi, I’m Stephanie

I’m a leadership coach and facilitator, working with individuals, teams and organizations to create workplace cultures that prioritize results and relationships; productivity and people. I focus all of my work on helping people feel focused, energized, and deeply satisfied with their work.

I’m the founder of Agency II Change, a boutique firm based in Toronto, Canada that specializes in custom coaching programs and training for leaders and teams to help them lead and collaborate more effectively and adapt how they work together to solve challenges and drive results. My wish is for everyone to find that sweet spot where they feel focused, energized and deeply satisfied with their work, while maintaining fulfillment with the many other aspects of their lives.

My formal education is in psychology and communication with an Hons BA in Psychology and an MA in Communications from Boston University. In addition to being a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach through the Coaches Training Institute, in recent years I’ve also added specialties in resilience by completing my Certified Resilience Practitioner training through the Resilience Alliance, Psychological Health and Safety through the Canadian Mental Health Association, as well as personality and leadership assessment certifications for the Enneagram and The Leadership Circle Profile. Prior to founding Agency II Change, I held a variety of leadership roles, focused on helping leaders navigate and communicate through times of high change.

As you’ll learn in the book, when I’m not working, I spend a lot of time with family and friends, and you’ll usually find me at the cottage swimming in the lake or reading a book on the dock.

To learn more about my work and life, or to share your perspective on work-life fulfillment or the other topics in the book, you can find me on LinkedIn or on Instagram at @agencytochange, or learn more about my work and subscribe to my newsletter at Agency II Change.

I hope this book helps you see productivity in a new light with new ways to achieve work-life integration that feels fulfilling. Thanks for joining me on this journey.


“Success for many people is defined by what they do and how much they
can get done. Stephanie demonstrates the value of exploring your beliefs
about this so you can define success and ambition in your own authentic way
and then approach it with intentionality. She’s a gifted writer, bringing you
into her own experience while providing useful tools to guide you on your
own conscious productivity journey. So many people are trying to find
balance between life and work. This book can help you find your way.”

– Carolyn Swora, Workplace Culture Architect | Pinnacle Culture

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As The Big Scale Back is released, I’ll be sharing some practical and inspiring resources for my community. If you’re ready to redefine work-life fulfillment for yourself, these resources are for you!

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As The Big Scale Back is released, I'll be sharing some practical and inspiring resources for my community. If you're ready to redefine work-life fulfillment for yourself, these resources are for you!

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