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Here’s to success and balance by your own design! Download the complete workbook (which contains all of the worksheets), or download the individual worksheets you would like to focus on.


Download The Big Scale Back workbook in its entirety. This includes all of the worksheets from the book, including some sample worksheets. You can also download the poster that serves as a reminder, and support, “for when the going gets tough.” If you’d like to work on specific worksheets, you can download them individually (below). Here’s to defining success for yourself and creating a fulfilling life by your own design!


Unconscious to
Conscious Productivity

Identify Your Core
Limiting Beliefs

The Enneagram
and Me

How You Approach Your Work

Taking Stock of
the Costs

Life Decision

Your Possibility

Sit in

Identify Your
New Beliefs

Clarity, Commitment
and Curation

Become an
Expert in You

Your Values

Identify Your

Success and balance
by your own design


Hi, I’m Stephanie

I’m a leadership coach and facilitator, working with individuals, teams and organizations to create workplace cultures that prioritize results and relationships; productivity and people. I focus all of my work on helping people feel focused, energized, and deeply satisfied with their work.

I’m the founder of Agency II Change, a boutique firm based in Toronto, Canada that specializes in custom coaching programs and training for leaders and teams to help them lead and collaborate more effectively and adapt how they work together to solve challenges and drive results. My wish is for everyone to find that sweet spot where they feel focused, energized and deeply satisfied with their work, while maintaining fulfillment with the many other aspects of their lives.

My formal education is in psychology and communication with an Hons BA in Psychology and an MA in Communications from Boston University. In addition to being a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach through the Coaches Training Institute, in recent years I’ve also added specialties in resilience by completing my Certified Resilience Practitioner training through the Resilience Alliance, Psychological Health and Safety through the Canadian Mental Health Association, as well as personality and leadership assessment certifications for the Enneagram and The Leadership Circle Profile. Prior to founding Agency II Change, I held a variety of leadership roles, focused on helping leaders navigate and communicate through times of high change.

As you’ll learn in the book, when I’m not working, I spend a lot of time with family and friends, and you’ll usually find me at the cottage swimming in the lake or reading a book on the dock.

To learn more about my work and life, or to share your perspective on work-life fulfillment or the other topics in the book, you can find me on LinkedIn or on Instagram at @agencytochange, or learn more about my work and subscribe to my newsletter at Agency II Change.

I hope this book helps you see productivity in a new light with new ways to achieve work-life integration that feels fulfilling. Thanks for joining me on this journey.

Start your journey to conscious productivity today!



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